Why did we decide to launch Chain Assets Capital?

By November 12, 202039,782 Comments

Chain Assets Capital comes to the ever-progressing Crypto Network with a Modern approach of Crypto Asset Management, while bringing you the best possible returns from the highly volatile Blockchain Market at the same time.

With the new concepts being made available in the Market and ever-increasing demands of getting higher Returns, traders are generally faced with challenges of Investing in the right Assets/Equities. Chain Assets intends on resolving this by using the Market Standard approach of Quantitative Analysis of Assets at all times.

We intend on making Institutional Investing as secure and transparent as possible and for this reason, we believe letting the owners hold their Assets in the right thing to do, as they get to control their assets as per their intentions.

We simply help investors in managing their Portfolios by using API based Exchange for the Assets on Crypto Trading Platforms like Binance and Bybit. Though Bybit is only available for Futures Trading, It still allows you to exchange your BTC funds to Other major Crypto Currencies and in return, you get ROI solely based on Market Performance.

Different Approaches for higher ROI.

We as an Asset Management firm know that getting higher returns from Markets is not an easy task, one has to think thrice about the losses before they start thinking about the positives of any market in the world. However, if the funds are hedged and positions are taken into consideration of the Short/Long term Trend, then one can do well in the market. That being said, we don’t expect our investors to sit idle and let us do the entire work. We are open to the suggestions made by our investors, just in case we miss anything in our quantitative approach, such suggestions from our Investors are highly appreciated. Though by default we are introducing three major approaches to the market, that is, Spot, Futures, and Mixed (Spot + Futures) trading to our investors.

If you’re not sure about choosing what product you should go with, We highly recommend that you choose to go for our Moderate Risk approach where one can first evaluate the different performances of their Blockchain Assets, and later on can ask us to divide their capital as per their choice. This allows investors to be involved in their crypto assets more as compared to other Asset Management Firms.