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The best part is that you can track all the activities on real-time basis.

Risk Managed

We have several measures in place to minimize our exposure to Market Risks

100% Secure

Your funds always remain with you, and will always secure.


We work on a combination of strategies to get the best profits possible.

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Your assets will remain with you, Secure

We will access your funds securly lying in your actively traded exchange via API
Our Story

About Us

We are a set of Professional Crypto fund managers who are deep into the market and know how to navigate through tough situations.
Our Company Values

Risk Management

Chain Assets Capital deals with algorithmic trading and the market risk management needs are an integral part of our trading strategies. Leveraged products are more challenging from a market risk management point of view than unleveraged ones. We mainly control market risk by Position size limits, Stop-limits, and Diversification.
What do we offer

We offer a wide array of invesmtent products


Minimum Risk ~ Conservative Rewards


High Risk ~ High Reward

Spot + Futures

Moderate Risk ~ Optimal Rewards
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We offer a suite of offerings that adds value each type of investor.

We always start a conversation with potential clients by asking what their investment objectives are. What is the investment horizon? What is the target return and what is their risk apetite? Is the preference a steady stream of smaller returns with low risk – or is the aim to have a shot at knocking-the-ball-out-of-the-park?
Once the investment objectives are clearly defined, we will work on a suitable solution. Below is given a breakdown of our investable products.

We work with the following exchanges

Who we are

A trusted authority in cryptocurrency asset management


We have expertise in different strategies which brings the best out of your investment.

Hedge Systemic Risk

All risks are systematically hedged against unprecendented market movements.

100% Secure

Our API model makes sure that your funds are in your custody and safe all the time.

Live Performance Tracking

As all of your funds will always with you you can track them anytime you want.
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Algorithmic Trading

All of our strategies are proprietary which have been developed with years of experience.
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